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To all our Valued Customers,


As you are probably already aware, the country is facing a shortage of Oxygen availability due to the increased demand for the product for medical purposes.


Please be advised that Oxygen gas is required for the cutting of all Carbon Steels, irrespective of the cutting method applied. This includes, but is not limited, to Oxyfuel, Plasma and Laser Cutting processes.


At the date of this document, our major steel suppliers in Cape Town do not have any Oxygen gas in the bulk tanks, and will thus not be able to continue cutting any Carbon Steel until such time as spare product has been procured.


Every effort is being made to procure additional gas supply from all suppliers, but have not to date been successful.


We will continue to provide updates as the situation changes.


We trust that you will understand the current challenging situation we are all facing.


Please feel free to contact us for further information.