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Annual Increase

Notification of Increase                                                                                September 2020


Dear Valued Customer


This year certainly has presented all of us with many unexpected challenges to overcome. These many challenges affecting citizens both in our private lives as well as our places of work. The impact was and continues to be significant as various industries continue to endure tough trading conditions due to the various lockdown regulations.


As Roemers Grinding Works, we have endured the impact of the Pandemic and are working hard to ensure we continue to provide a reliable blade manufacturing and sharpening service which is proudly South African. The additional industry regulations such as the contested import tariffs continue to cause us frustrations as our prices of imported steel increase by 30%.


We have been vigilant when calculating our increases and can confirm that our sharpening services will be increased by only 1% for now as the MEIBC are yet to determine the increase in our labour costs. Our manufacturing prices will increase considerably more due to the increase in steel prices. The increase for manufacturing of blades will be 7% and both increases effective from 15th September.


All quotes made and sent to you in the last 45 days remain valid for 45 days after the 15th. We do appreciate your continued support and look forward to being of service to you soon.


Warm regards