Roemer's Grinding Works News

COVID-19 Update

In the wake of Level 4 @ 5 lockdown, Roemer's has experienced some changes...

We have sadly said goodbye to 3 long standing employees, Maurice, Neil and Alastair. All three have left us for personal reasons and to help their families during this trying time. We wish them the very best and keep them in our thoughts.

We welcome back, Chade, Wolf's eldest daughter, into HR and filling the bookkeeping position. We wish her all the best in this new chapter.

Roemer's is changing the way we do things. We are streamlining processes and implimenting policies and procedures to help us through this time and to see some good growth in the future. 

We are operating at 100% workforce (adding in a few hours here and there to make up for time lost), and with this, we have implimented a very stringent Health and Safety Policy for COVID-19. We have 2 big staff rooms and all out staff have been allocated a work station, thus ensuring social distancing.

We unfotunatley are not allowing factory tours at this time, but hope to resume this as the stringent goverment egulations are lifted.

We are still screening every customer who enters the reception area, so ask the you bear with us. We want our staff to stay safe as well as all our customers and suppliers.

We are all working together during this time and ask you all to saty safe and sanitise.