Roemer's Grinding Works News

Lockdown Hours

We will be open at the following times during the lockdown: Monday and Thursday 9am to 4pm.

Roemer’s Grinding Works is involved in the servicing and manufacturing of goods for companies involved in the production and distribution of essential services such as food, pharmaceuticals, hygiene products and those addressed in the Lockdown announcement by the president of 23rd March 2020.

We will be taking the following precautions during this time:
- Washing of hands regularly
- Keeping a personal space of 1.5m
- Allowing only 1 customer at a time into the reception area
- Having a maximum staff component of 5 people (or the minimum needed to reasonably conduct business during this time).
- Provide gloves and masks to all staff members
- Provide hand sanitizer to all staff and customers
- Wipe down all surfaces every 30 minutes