Roemer's Grinding Works Products

Whilst Steel is our most common material to make the blades, Roemer's has invested a small fortune in sharpening and manufacturing selected Tungsten items as well.

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Paper Cutting Guillotine Blades

Roemer's specialises in the manufacture of blades and the precision sharpening and grinding required for these in today's demanding work-front. We pride ourselves in producing paper cutting Guillotine blades.

If you have opened a catalogue from German companies like Fassco and Klingenberg, you will know that there are thousands of different types, from the popular Muller Martini to the Kolbus and the Polar knives and too many other very obscure and unique blades for specific applications.

Roemer's produces them all, either in custom-form small quantities or larger bulk orders.

Shear Blades

Shear blades of every dimension have seen the inside of our factory in Salt River for many years; either to pop in and have themselves sharpened and polished up or were made here sweating it out in our furnaces and being tickled by our Reform, Erma and Goeckel grinders.

While most of them have been made of 1.2379, some have been made of 1.3355 and we have quite a few in circulations where we were able to make inlay HSS shear blades with up to 4 cutting edges.

Granulators For The Chomping Industry

Roemer's sharpens and manufactures many granulators daily, with some of them braving the K110 steel and many more using a Manganese tool steel.

Our inlay blades have saved customers a lot of time and money by reducing the time between sharpening, increasing cutting speed and reducing overall running costs.

Panel Irons & Pole Peelers

With the wood industry reliving some of its previous boom, pole peelers, wood chippers and panel irons are so popular, we actually keep many of the dimensions in stock.

Over time we have perfected making them from inlay steel rather than solid steel and therefore, again, reducing cost and increasing running time.

Our blades are used right up to the slot and customers expect nothing less from these blades made here.

Circular Blades

Of all shapes and dimensions, from the fishing industry (heading and tail blades) down to smaller splitters, spacers, cardboard cutters and saws, all are produced or sharpened on our two new Reform Circular Grinders.

They don't ever really stand still as South Africa's hunger for these items is massive.

A good steel, popular pricing and excellent turn-around times make these items very much in demand.

Specific Shaped Blades

Nothing is more exciting than seeing a new type or shape of blade and hearing from usually eager customers how they are used and why their shape is so specific.

From the famous Victor, Botha and Fanie Smith Tea knives (yes, even your beloved Rooibos tea) which are made here, right up to specific and often once-off shapers and cutters we have a large variety and if you don't see it on our shelves, we will custom make it for you and possibly make more for stock, as we know it's difficult to come by.

Duct Blades, Perforators & Spreading Blades

The products are endless that we can make out of steel. If it needs grinding and sharpening, we do it here and the chance is, we have made one of these before.

The pictures you see are samples of popular blades.

Come pop around and have a look-see, bring your old, blunt or damaged blade and we will be able to make you a new one.